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Nowadays eating and drinking properly are a very important subject for everyone’s choice; products quality attention, their origin and preparations, both at home or outside, leads us to look for an always deeper knowledge and, consequently, towards higher quality requirements expectation.

Spreading out good food and good drink culture are the primary target for us at Milano Tasting Room; we do it with a number of events, all leaded by professionals, able to guarantee the highest level of knowledge on the subject and happy to share it with our customers.

Milano Tasting Room offer a wide range of food & beverage events surely able to satisfy the curiosity and the appeal of the gift’s beneficiary. Here are some examples of past events:

  • wine tasting, beer tasting, olive oil tasting, coffee tasting
  • wine tasting training
  • cooking classes
  • pastry classes
  • in-depht masterclasses
  • food & beverage literary cafè

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